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United Kingdom

About Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd

At Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd, we produce rifle and optic support systems that weigh less and achieve more. Hunting is in each member of our team’s DNA, and as such we understand the rigours of our passion wherever they may take us around the world, and bind all of our knowledge and efforts together to ensure our designs never fall short of any requirement for that product’s application.

Our Products

Our flagship product – the Javelin Bipod – is a testament to our dedication to providing quality, practical solutions for all rifle shooting disciplines. Like many of our products since, it was invented with a desire to create a new-age adaptation of a traditional solution that could simply attach and detach as and when needed, that wasn’t cumbersome to carry and as practical in the pursuit of tahr and ibex as it is reds and roe deer. 

“For shooters wanting to push the boundaries, gear available on the market just didn’t cut it,” admits founder Rob (Mr G) Gearing. “In my younger years as a guide, I rapidly fell out of love with having a bipod hanging from my rifle and I used one infrequently. They got in the way and were a pain in my shoulder when carrying my rifle, and my eventual reluctance to carry a one presented me with a few failed hunts. 

“So, applying my background in aviation engines and, in particular, discovery of rare earth magnets when working on the Concord aircraft sculpture, the resulting invention was an ultra-lightweight, stupidly strong bipod that could be on and off the rifle quicker than you could drop the legs on a run-of-the-mill bipod. Exactly what I was after.”

As such, the Javelin Bipod was an instant success among rifle shooters all around the world and formed a foundation from which all Spartan products – from entry level to top-end – are forged. Now, over half a decade into production, our fleet of rifle and optic support systems have generated a loyal and growing following that we are ever grateful for. 

Construction and testing

Innovations take time, and from concept to completion a Spartan product may take as many as two years before it reaches our benchmark for quality and is ready for production. Every material is assessed and challenged, and prototypes are rigorously tested by our team and other trusted hunters in the harshest of environments, from the Nevada Desert to the extreme sub-zero Tajikistan mountains and countless destinations in between.  

With the resulting, invaluable feedback further refinement ensues until we reach the finished article and, eventually, assembly in our workshop in England before distribution. 

Since the very first drawings in 2013, we have launched five categories of revolutionary products from bipods to adapters, all to exacting qualities synonymous with the Spartan name. 

The future

We are always pioneering solutions, practices, and researching and developing materials, and there are some exciting releases in the pipeline that we can’t wait to launch. Indeed, our roadmap for expansion of the business is very bright too, and we look forward to welcoming future members of the Spartan family who have an equally unwaning passion for rifle sports and the outdoors that will complement the skills and experience of our team.

The team

We are a close-knit and friendly team based in the south of England, and it is our mission to produce the finest rifle and optic systems so the modern rifle shooter can derive as much enjoyment from ethical hunting or competition shooting without being limited by gear. 

Each member of the team is of the belief that Spartan is not just a job, but a way of life, and derive as much satisfaction from introducing more hunters to products designed for them as they do using them themselves. 

The last three years has really seen the business evolve, and with it the happy customer base grow. As Mr G says: “Providing answers to hunters is immensely rewarding when you get it right!”

Rob “Mr G” Gearing 

Founder & Managing Director

Rob founded Spartan Precision Equipment Ltd in 2013 and is your stereotypical crazy, bald inventor but with an enduring passion for the extreme outdoors, whether it be in hunting, fishing, mountain climbing or biking. All Spartan products owe a nod to Rob’s extensive and unprecedented background in aviation engines, research of exotic materials and need for providing flawless hunting solutions. 

Hannah “The Queen” Gibson

General Manager

Hannah treats business like her sport, clay pigeon shooting, for whom she has and continues to represent Great Britain. She is an extremely loyal and committed individual who truly lives the spirit of Spartan to her core. She is a great builder of relationships and her devotion to the team is palpable. When she is not keeping the hyperactive members of the team under control, Hannah is the driving force behind Spartan’s expansion and achieving its place as the world-renowned manufacturer of rifle and optic support systems. 

Rob “Coffin” Gipson

Military & Law Enforcement

No-one quite knows why he is referred to as Coffin Rob, but it is abundantly clear to anyone that he is a real detail man with an inherent need to get to the crux of any problem. He has a great flair for innovation and an uncanny knack for selecting the right tool for the job, making him an ideal fit for the Spartan team. Plus, his extensive background in the firearms industry is invaluable when conceptualising products, and he is the ultimate tea maker! 


Digital Media Manager

Nick is a gifted photographer and filmmaker – ahead of his years in knowledge and skill – who always achieves outstanding results. He is a committed allrounder who plays a vital role for Spartan in many aspects, describing his work as “trying to drink two double espressos whilst sprinting through a maze”. No challenge is too much, nor too difficult for Nick – remaining unbroken after a 1,000-mile hike to photograph a Spartan tripod on the Appalachian trail – earning his place as a key member of the Spartan team.

Spartan Precision Equipment Limited

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United Kingdom

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