Tripod Leg Sets

3 lengths of leg sets are available to buy separately from the Sentinel tripod allowing the sentinel to be used in different scenarios. Woodland, Mountain and Mini as a set of 3. 

Multi layered aerospace quality pultruded carbon-fibre, supplied by a top European manufacturer, has been used by use to manufacture the new carbon fibre leg units. These light, but very strong leg stanchions are produced on bespoke mandrels. By ensuring a rigorous manufacturing process, were are able to offer carbon fibre legs with the necessary stiffness & superior strength to support a rifle or optics system.  The weight of carbon-fibre is about 60% that of aluminium.

Our new leg top sections are machined to thread easily & securely into the head unit of the system. This component is also CNC machined in from high quality 7075-T7351 aluminium billet.

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