Stumpy Tripod Legs

The 'Stumpy' legs have been introduces for the users that wanted to increase the versatility of their existing 'Sentinel' tripod system. 
These light weight reduced length two section legs, provide a good adaption for users that would like to mount & use accessories such as spotting scopes, cameras & anemometers etc, closer to ground level, making them ideal for use when in the prone position.
These legs simply retro fit into the head unit of the 'Sentinel' in place of the existing long legs, without the need for tools. This gives a very usable reduced height tripod, which retains all the existing functionality of the system.
The 'Stumpy' legs also include the removable rubber boots over the hard tungsten carbide tips, where extra surface grip is required. 
Compact & lightweight they are easily carried for adaption of the system in the field.
  • 9.5" (24cm) Compressed - 11.5cm (29cm) Extended
  • Folded length  is - 10" (25.5cm)
  • Weight for 3x legs is - 5 ozs (146g) 

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