Pro Leg (sold as single leg)

  • Sometimes you just need a little extra height to get above the long grass and make that shot. Pro Legs are compatible with Javelin Pro Hunt and Javelin Lite bipods so you can take seated and kneeling shots more effectively. Machined from 7000 series aluminium with high-quality multi-layer carbon fibre, simply unscrew the legs from your bipod or Sentinel Head and replace with Pro Legs.

    • Two-part adjustability to suit different hunting scenarios

    • External locking system

    • Tungsten carbide tip with a removable rubber boot for a wide range of shooting environments

  • Specifications 13" - 20"
    20" - 34"
    Weight (per leg)
    65g / 2.4oz 90g / 3.2oz
    Ground Clearance 32cm - 51cm / 13" - 20" 50cm - 86cm / 20 - 34"