Sentinel Tripods

Welcome to the Sentinel

Our Sentinel Rifle & Optics Support System has been specifically designed to provide a stable mounting system for a broad range of rifles whilst complimenting the existing Spartan bipod range. It can be configured in field conditions as a tripod, bipod or mono-pod for rifle use, or instantly adapted (*) to allow the mounting of spotting scopes, cameras, thermal imaging, night vision, anemometers and other devices.

The unique design enables an attached rifle to traverse through a full 360-degree arc, whilst remaining very firmly attached to the head unit, creating a smooth and stable shooting platform. Our design allows a wide range of elevation and depression of your rifle for real hunting situations, while achieving a high degree of rifle cant due to the swivel head design.

Our high quality leg adjustment system enables you to rapidly adjust the leg length for your requirements, whilst being so light weight that they can be carried and deployed by an individual. 

The durable tungsten carbide tips allow for firm grip on difficult terrain, and are covered by tethered synthetic boots.

Once removed from the head unit, the legs can be used as highly effective trekking poles which can also be fitted with Trekking Pole Handles and Snow Baskets. 

Spartan Precision now produce three different length legs which are interchangeable with the head unit, to provide the user with a range of real world solutions for different environments.

A wide range of additional attachments for our support systems can be found on our accessories page.

 (*) The selected device requires the fitting of our ‘Optics’ or ‘‘Heavy Optics’ suitable for devices with a standard 1/4" female camera thread fitting.