Blaser 12.5m Swivel Head

The 'Blaser 12.5mm Swivel Head' has been designed to quickly adapt your 'Sentinel' or  'Kapita' tripods & allow owners of 'Blaser' that rifles with the 12.5mm bipod stock fittings. 

Instant & secure attachment onto the tripod is intuitively achieved  using our magnetic attachment system. 

  • Fits 'Blaser'-12.5mm' ball joint adaption for Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripods.
  • Weighs ( 28g / 1.0 oz )
  • CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet
  • Hard anodised grey finish
  • Retro fits into 'Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripods in seconds

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