Sentinel Multi Tool Adapter and Tools

Our multi tool adapter and tools add even greater versatility to the Sentinel tripod allowing you to attach a saw and small spade (a larger range of tools are in development and will be added soon).

The adapter weighs only 50g and has our standard thread fitting allowing attachments to be use in combination with our Sentinel system. The adapter will take any standard reciprocating saw blade.

The compact spade designed for light duty work whist in the field, digging small holes for fires or waste. Added to this it can be used as a small snow anchor for your tent. Measuring only 100mm x 103mm and 53g (without adapter)

The saw, ever been in a tree stand or hide and not had a clear view? The saw might just be what you are looking for. Simply fits to the Sentinel Trekking pole to become a small extendable tree saw. 

Add a Multi Tool Adapter and your choice of tools.

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